• Comprehensive hearing evaluations for older children through geriatric patients including immittance and otoacoustic emissions tests.
    • Immittance testing is a procedure that provides information for the doctor and audiologist about the health of the eardrum and the middle ear. The middle ear is where children may have a build-up of fluid or an ear infection.
    • Otoacoustic emissions testing is a relatively new procedure that sends sound into the ear through a small ear tip and then measures the sound reflected back. This test also does not require any response from the listener and can be done during sleep. It can provide valuable information on the status of the auditory system.
  • Counseling regarding the type and degree of hearing loss, the effects of the hearing loss on the individual and the family, and management options
  • Adult Hearing aid selection and fitting
  • Hearing aid repair and electroacoustic evaluation. Electroacoustic evaluation involves connecting the hearing aid to a computer and reading its function, somewhat like the computer analysis done on a car. From this evaluation we can tell if the hearing aid is functioning as it should be.
  • Cochlear implant evaluation
  • Cochlear implant programming, trouble-shooting and diagnostic evaluation of CI equipment for  Cochlear Corporation devices
  • Custom swim molds and custom listening molds
  • Hearing protection, including custom musicians earplugs and Electronic Shooter Protection devices

Adult Audiology Services

Cochlear Implants

We partner with two area physicians to provide an adult Cochlear Implant Program. The adult program serves patients 18 years of age and older who are likely to benefit from implantable technology. There are no upper age limits to cochlear implantation. 

Hearing Aids

If an audiological evaluation determines that a hearing loss does not need further medical investigation, then hearing aids are one option for management. Today’s hearing aids are vastly improved when compared to those available just a few years ago. Fitting techniques have also improved. Such technological advances assist us in selecting and fitting the device so that it most closely meets an individual user’s needs. South County Hearing offers the latest digital hearing aid technology. Hearing aids, like many items, come in a variety of styles with a variety of options. Pricing is based on the level of technology and options selected. Our Patient Care Coordinator is available to verify any hearing aid benefits offered by your health insurance. In addition, a zero interest payment plan is offered through Care Credit. Diagnostic evaluation, repairs and programming are also available for hearing aids whether purchased from South County Hearing or elsewhere.