What To Expect

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations = Timely and Accurate Treatment

A comprehensive hearing evaluation is necessary to assess an individual’s ability to hear and an individual’s ability to understand speech.

Our hearing evaluations are never rushed, as we believe in taking the time to evaluate all aspects of your hearing system. Each hearing evaluation is conducted in a calibrated sound-treated booth to ensure accurate results.

We review results and make clear recommendations.

During the exam, Dr. Stewart will:

  • Complete a medical case history
  • Examine the ears (otoscopy) to ensure clear canals and healthy ear drums.
  • Conduct pure tone testing (air and bone) – to determine the softest sounds a person can detect
  • Conduct speech testing – to assess word understanding in quiet and noise
  • Evaluate how your brain processes sounds and handles complex listening environments
  • Administer tympanometry, acoustic reflex testing and oto-acoustic emissions testing as needed
  • Review results and answer questions
  • Discuss recommendations and next steps
  • Refer patient to another specialist (ex: ENT, Neurologist) if needed

Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance companies cover diagnostic hearing evaluations.

Medicare requires an order from a physician to establish the medical necessity of the testing.

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We offer solutions that include hearing aids, assistive devices, aural rehabilitation, tinnitus treatment, and custom hearing protection.