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Does Medicare Pay For Hearing Aids

Does Medicare Pay For Hearing Aids?

Uncover the truth about Medicare coverage for hearing aids. Find out if Medicare includes hearing aid benefits and explore your options. Discover how South County Hearing Services can guide you through the

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Mr. Beast Project

In March I was abe to take part in a really cool project.  Through the audiology cooperative we belong to, Entheos partnering with Hearing the Call, I was able to take part

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Zambia – October 2022

In October 2022 I went on my first humanitarian trip to Zambia. In the whole country of Zambia there is only one audiologist and 5 Ear, Nose and Throat physicians! First Clinic

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Check out what’s new!

We recently learned about a new product and are excited to introduce it to you. Your hearing affects your quality of life. At South County Hearing Services, we believe every patient deserves

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