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Reconnect with the world around you with better hearing.
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We are here to help you reconnect with your friends, family, and environment so you can live strong. It all starts with better hearing.
Our goal is to help you reach your optimal ability to communicate so you can stay connected and live strong.

Welcome to South County Hearing Services

Dr. Christine Stewart and her team have extensive knowledge of the challenges patients face and are dedicated to helping them hear to the best of their ability. They evaluate each patient as individuals – taking into account their personal challenges and needs.

This Beyond the Beeps philosophy ensures that each patient receives a unique treatment plan specialized to them. You are not just the beeps you hear in the booth.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Stewart and her team have an impeccable reputation as hearing healthcare providers. A large number of their patients have been with them for more than a decade and they have had the pleasure of seeing their patient’s quality of life improved by the use of aided listening devices.

South County Hearing Services is located in Narragansett, RI in the Narragansett Medical Building, suite 206.

Audiology Services

Hearing Evaluations

We provide comprehensive hearing evalutions for older children through geriatric patients including immittance and otoacoustic emissions tests.

Tinnitus Evaluations

We work with patients who are dealing with symptoms of tinnitus to identify the cause and create a treatment plan to works.

Diagnostic Services

Our comprehensive diagnostic evalution will help us identify many hearing related issues.

Hearing Aid Services

We provide hearing aid cleaning, repair and reprogramming for select hearing aid brands.

Hearing Aids & Protection Solutions

Hearing Aids

We work with you to select and fit the best hearing aid for your hearing needs and lifestyle.

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Custom Ear Protection

Take care of your hearing by preventing damage with custom ear protection for swimmers, musicians and music enthusiasts, and others.

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Cochlear Implant

We provide cochlear implant evaluations as well as programming, trouble-shooting and diagnostic evaluation of cochlear implant equipment.

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Assistive Listening Devices

We work with our patients to identify where assistive technologies are needed and find the best solutions.

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What Our Patients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Determining whether your hearing is experiencing difficulties can be an important step in seeking appropriate care from an audiologist. While only a professional audiologist can provide a definitive diagnosis, there are several signs that may indicate potential hearing loss such as difficulty understanding speech, frequently asking for repetition, increased volume on electronic devices, and tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

Hearing aids are the most popular solutions to address hearing loss for patients of all ages. There are various hearing aid manufacturers producing different types and levels of hearing aids. The cost of hearing aids vary on the brand, technology, power, material, and hearing loss it is designed to address. An audiologist can help you determine the best hearing aid for your specific hearing loss.

The need to clean the ears daily using cotton swabs or Q-tips is one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to ear hygiene. While it is okay to clean the outer part of the ears, cleaning the inner ear and trying to get rid of earwax is not recommended. If you encounter any hearing issues and you believe that earwax may be the culprit, it is best to have your ears checked by an audiologist. Audiologists are trained to perform professional earwax removal to ensure that your ears are safe and free from dirt and obstructions.

Hearing aids come in various styles and designs to suit different types of hearing loss and lifestyles. The most common hearing aid styles include behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, receiver-in-the-ear, in-the-canal, and invisible-in-the-canal. An audiologist can walk you through the different hearing aid styles and recommend the best one to address your hearing needs.

Audiologists are healthcare professionals trained to diagnose and treat hearing and balance disorders including hearing loss, tinnitus, impacted earwax, and auditory processing disorders. Audiologists can also provide comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing protection, and counseling and auditory rehabilitation. At South County Hearing, we work with patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. 

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