Humanitarian outreach

Bringing Hearing Healthcare To Underserved Communities

Hearing healthcare is not available throughout the world, leaving children and adults living with hearing loss and limiting their ability to learn, connect and flourish.

We have partnered with Hearing the Call to bring Audiology services to those most in need. Hearing the Call provides services to many communities domestically and internationally.

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Who is Hearing the Call?

Hearing the Call is a nonprofit campaign bringing hope and healing to the hearing-impaired locally and globally. They provide opportunities for audiologists, ENT doctors, students and volunteers to travel to countries and areas such as Jordan, Palestine, Zambia, South Africa, Guatemala, Ecuador, and more.

They also provide opportunities to help in our own back yard through local organizations throughout the United States.

Sponsorship - Your Impact

Village of Hope

By being a patient at our office you are impacting the life of three children in Zambia.

While in Zambia last October, Dr. Stewart met three wonderful children who receive hearing services from Hearing the Call. They live and attend school at Village of Hope. We are happy to sponsor these three children through a monthly donation.

Donations to Hearing the Call – “The Giving Ten Program”

Through your hearing aid purchases during 2022 we were able to donate $2000 to Hearing the Call.

The Giving Ten Program:

We have pledged to donate $10 for each patient fit with hearing aids. Patients are also able to contribute to this program.

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We offer solutions that include hearing aids, assistive devices, aural rehabilitation, tinnitus treatment, and custom hearing protection.