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We recently learned about a new product and are excited to introduce it to you.

Your hearing affects your quality of life. At South County Hearing Services, we believe every patient deserves to enjoy the best hearing solution possible. And we are committed to keeping you informed about important hearing instrument advancements.

We are excited to offer Oticon Real™, a new hearing aid that supports how the brain naturally processes sound and gives you better access to the full range of sounds around you.

Here are just a few benefits of Oticon Real: 

  • BrainHearing™   technology: Helps your   brain recognize and balance all types of sounds, allowing you to remain focused,   engaged, and sharp
  • More   choices: Both   rechargeable and disposable battery options, plus 9 colors*, so you can   choose the style that best fits you
  • Connectivity   to your digital world: High-quality   streaming from iPhone®, iPad®, and select Android™   devices**— helping you stay connected to your favorite devices

Your hearing is important to us. Even though you may be satisfied with your current hearing instruments, we always want to make you aware of the latest advancements in technology. 

Call us at 789-1906 to schedule an appointment and discuss a risk-free trial of Oticon Real. We look forward to seeing you—and to helping you take the next steps to even better hearing. 

Limited time offer!

$500 off a pair of 

Real 1 devices

We have a limited number of devices for this offer. Commit today to lock in savings.

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